Czech First Video - LUCIE

This first casting video is really special: You’ll get to see the very first video by Lucie Theodorova! Hot czech first video. She’s a wonderful young little thing with a knack for hard sex and an unsatiable hunger for cock.
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Czech First Video - DITA

Dita readily admits she wants to work with her pussy. But she sure doesn’t look the part! Wonderful czech first video. She’s a decent girl with short black hair and deep eyes… though when we got to see her in her underwear and after getting some make-up, her ambitious goal became a real possibility!
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Czech First Video - MICHALA

20 years old Michala at your service!! Michala is dark haired chick, currently single and in need of a good fuck. Best czech first video. That’s why she decided she should combine her biggest hobby with her work and contacted us hoping we could turn her into a porn star.
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Czech First Video - DANIELA

A busty brunette is what you’ll get today. Lovely czech first video. We haven’t had a brunette here for a long time, so I hope you will enjoy her. Daniela came here from Jihlava, that’s quite a long journey.
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Czech First Video - VERONIKA

Veronika is 32 years old, she’s from the beautiful town of Trebic and has a lot of experience from her private life. Wild czech first video. She says she decided to apply for our casting because she just loves sex and can’t get enough of it – and having a career doing what she loves sounds like a great deal.
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Czech First Video - MONIKA

Monika is a regular girl, like the girls you meet in the street. Incredible czech first video. You might look at her and not even notice her. And that would be your fatal mistake!! Monika doesn’t use much make-up, that’s why she may look a bit ordinary time to time, but after a few minutes in the hands of our beautician she turned into a stunning piece of hot ass.
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